Features and Benefits of Active WebMenu
Developers just like you are discovering how Active WebMenu puts the power and flexibility of real Menus and Toolbars into any web page. Below is a partial list of its many features and benefits. If you have more questions about Active WebMenu, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 1-866-GO-QSAPI (467-7274).

Don't forget to download the FREE Active WebMenu SDK so you can see first hand how easy it is to put Menus and Toolbars in your web-based applications.
Support for "Cross Frame" menus and submenus.
Active WebMenu features built-in support for cross-frame menus and submenus. This means that a user interface built with Active WebMenu does not need to be re-loaded and re-initialized every time your users navigate from one page to another.
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High performance "native Windows" menus and toolbars
All of the menus and toolbars that you create using Active WebMenu are REAL Win32 window objects. This means that your web-application is using the fastest and most powerful menu and toolbar interfaces available on a Microsoft® Windows® PC.
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FREE "point-and-click" Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment
Installed as part of the FREE Active WebMenu SDK the Active WebMenu Visual Builder is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment that allows you to prototype and publish the entire user interface framework for an Active WebMenu based web application. Remember, it doesn't cost you anything to download and install the Active WebMenu SDK and the Visual Builder!
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Display customized "context menus" anywhere in your web application
Using the special ShowContextMenu() method, Active WebMenu lets you "pop up" a menu in the exact spot of your user's mouse cursor. If you were to call this method when your users "right-clicked" on something within your web application, you could show a special menu relevant to the part of your application your user clicked on...In other words, your own "context menu"!
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Script-based runtime configuration of the entire user interface
Through it's unique, script-based API, Active WebMenu provides web application developers with unparalleled runtime configuration options. Every part of the Active WebMenu user interface can be modified "on the fly" without having to re-load or re-initialize your web application.
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Secure distribution using a digitally signed CAB file
Active WebMenu is distributed to your users via a very small (less than 110K) digitally signed CAB file. The automated download and installation process only occurs the first time one of your users launches your web application.
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Automatic support for "Chevron Menus" on every toolbar
Whenever there is not enough room to display all of the buttons of a toolbar, a "Chevron Button" appears automatically at the far right edge of the toolbar. When the "Chevron Button" is clicked, a "Chevron Menu" drops down to display any toolbar buttons not visible due to space limitations.
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Movable, sizeable, and hideable toolbars
If you allow them to do so, your users can move, resize, or even hide any toolbars that are part of your Active WebMenu user interface. You can also perform these same actions at runtime using Active WebMenu's script-based API.
Yes No
Customizable tooltips integrated with every toolbar button
Each toolbar button within your Active WebMenu user interface can display a tooltip of up to 255 characters in length. You can customize the content and colors of tooltips at any time while your web application is running by using Active WebMenu's script-based API.
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Centralized control of over 70 user interface color properties
Through Active WebMenu's script-based API, you can customize any one of over 70 different user interface color properties. Customization can be done at any time while your web application is running.
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Autmatic support for "checked" and "disabled" buttons and menu items
Using Active WebMenu's script-based API, you can change the "checked" and "disabled" state of any button, menu item, or submenu while your web application is running. You do not need to provide any special images or templates to make this feature work...Active WebMenu automatically draws the correct user interface for you.
Yes No
Advanced support for customized icons
Active WebMenu's image import capabilities allow you to use your own customized collections of icon images. Your Icon Collection Files can be stored anywhere on the Internet, and are downloaded when Active WebMenu is initialized in your web application. The FREE Active WebMenu SDK includes templates and sample files to assist you in creating your own Icon Collections.
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Integrated "Toolbar Manager" lets users customize their user interface
If you choose to allow it, your users can access the integrated "Toolbar Manager" while your web application is running. Using this, they can customize the look and feel of your application to suit their particular needs.
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